Friday, 23 May 2014

How does it feel like to live in ‘darkness’?

The last book I read was ‘The White Tiger’ by Mr. Arvind Adiga which unfolds the unforeseeable cruise of the protagonist Munna aka the white tiger aka Ashok Sharma, a boy born in ‘darkness’  who was destined to be a halwai or a sweet maker but amazingly makes his way to become an entrepreneur in a city like Bangalore. It narrates the journey of a simple, faithful servant who later becomes a ‘murderer’ and an ‘entrepreneur’. Just read the book if you want to know more. Worth reading.

 So how did this influence my blog? I was born in a middle class family in the city of Gorakhpur in North-eastern Uttar Pradesh. Now when you read this book, you can very well relate the characters in it with people you see around in a place like Gorakhpur. I can say that Gorakhpur is still in the ‘darkness’.  And I do find people like Munna and Mr. Ashok and Pinky madam around me.

Uttar Pradesh was once the city of cultures. Mini-India was the title given to it. There are historic cities like Varanasi, Allahabad, Meerut, Kanpur and many more. Every city in Uttar Pradesh has its own historic significance. Even my city, Gorakhpur is known for the very famous chauri-chaura kaand which possesses its own importance in our freedom struggle. There are three IIT’s in Uttar Pradesh itself in Kanpur, Roorkee and Banaras. Besides, there are several other proficient universities for technical and management studies in U.P. The cities like Lucknow, Meerut, Noida, Ghaziabad et cetera are the specimens for development that has been going in India. So why am I grumbling?

The reason behind it is the inadequate, substandard, amateurish and an unpleasant atmosphere that has been created for the women. Not only the women, but honestly speaking, a boy like me with a strong built and 20 years of age would also be nervous to go to the outskirts of the city in broad daylight. Let me get this straight. I have many friends in my college who are cool hanging around with girls. But it’s not the case with me. I experience uneasiness once I am in company of women. It is so because I have never been in such an atmosphere back there in darkness. You can’t have female friends back there. Even if you have a few, the people are not cool with that. They start making repudiating faces when you talk about it. I have a few female friends now and whenever we go back to Gorakhpur from our colleges, we propose for a meeting. But every time, it’s the same nervousness that hovers in our minds. Where to meet? When to meet? Is it suitable to go to a particular place with girls? How to rescue them if we are confronted by some thugs? I don’t know the reason behind this kind of ambience. Maybe because these goons were devoid of any female influence in their lives and they think of women as just a commodity.  They do disrespect women and it is them who make our lives miserable in public places. Whomsoever I meet, when I tell them I am from Uttar Pradesh, there is a strange expression on their faces as if I will be an unpleasant company. But let me tell you my friends, this is not the case with everyone in U.P. I am different and certainly a large percentage of people are civilized even in the darkness.

Now I have a political animosity with S.P. and B.S.P. and I have no worries writing this that they are one of the major reasons for this kind of ambience. The samajwadi party is packed up with lowlifes and street thugs who think that their Netaji will cover their back for every offence they carry out. Same goes with B.S.P. They are the ruling parties in U.P. and they are solely responsible for such conception of the state.

Although, it is saturated with discourteous, rude, uncivil, ill-mannered, ungracious and inconsiderate men but still it has deferential, humble, respectful and grateful people who will climb out of the darkness one day and will have prominent positions in the existent framework. They are the ones who have to make their city and their state proud. They are the ones who can bring about a change much needed in the present framework of Uttar Pradesh. Certainly, they are the ones whose presence you can enjoy and they will show you the real essence and genuine ethos of Uttar Pradesh.  

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